Posted by: maclua | November 21, 2009

iPod Touch camera rumors show up again

Just when you thought you could forget about the elusive bugger, rumors about an iPod Touch with a built-in camera start up again. The latest report points to a Spring 2010 refresh that will finally include a video camera.

The latest rumor reads like it’s August all overagain, but it does have one particularly disappointing aspect. According to the source, the iPod touch camera will match the not-so-hot quality of the nano’s.

Here’s to hoping the engineers can somehow stuff the iPhone’s camera into an iPod Touch. Sure, there’s not much space to work with in the Touch, but we can believe(via Gizmodo)



  1. i dont think that apple will put out the ipod touch in the spring i think it would be in January along with the Tablet

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