Posted by: maclua | December 3, 2009

GE-Comcast Merger

Am I the only one who finds the GE-Comcast Merger scary. I mean Comcast now will force other cable companies such as Cox, Dish Network, DirectTV, and all the other pay more for TV shows leading to more cost to the non-Comcast customers. That would be fine because it would cut cost to Comcast subscribers the only problem is that Comcast isn’t offered every where (example my area) In addition NBC also owns part of Hulu which competes with Comcast’s on demand. I don’t see Hulu growing if Comcast executives have a huge say in what Hulu does next. I think that Comcast will now monopolize the Entertainment industry.



  1. I AGREE FULLY!!! Comcast is big enough. Already TOO big. If Comcast gobbles up NBC, it is just a spark for other companies to gobble up other companies. THIS IS BADDD!!!!

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