Posted by: maclua | December 11, 2009


I have been reluctant to use Pandora for a wile now I always thought it was the same as listening to my local radio station. But recently I ordered a netbook so I figured that I look into ways to carry my entire music collection with me where ever I go but on a tiny eight GB Solid Slate Drive that wasn’t going to happen so I stared using Pandora. Using Pandora is a really simple process you add a station from a song or artist that you like and Pandora makes recommendations based on you taste in music. If you like the recommendation then you give the sing a thumbs up if you don’t like it you give it a thumbs down. At first it may seem that Pandora will never learn your taste in music but after a few hours of listening to it Pandora starts to understand your taste in music. (For me it took about 4 hours but in depends on how much input you give it) Once you get past the tedious setup process Pandora woks like I charm I can listen for hours and only get a few songs that I dislike. I also find it useful for searching for new songs to buy, and when you find a song you want to buy there is a “buy song” button that links you the iTunes, Amazon mp3, or Amazon CD.


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